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With “His Airness” scheduled to turn 50 this weekend (Happy Birthday Mike!), there has been a great deal of talk about:

(1) whether or not Michael Jeffrey Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time, and
(2) whether or not LeBron James can ever usurp his throne.

As a basketball obsessive, I love listening to these debates… until they turn angry and unreasonable, and then I tend to just walk away. Rather than run down both sides of both discussions, here is my take on each topic, and I ask you, fair readers, to hit me up in the comments section (or on Facebook or Twitter) if you’re interested in continuing the conversation any further.

MJ’s G.O.A.T. Status

First thing, let’s be real Houston fans: if Money hadn’t taken his little baseball sabbatical, the Rockets wouldn’t have a pair of O’Brien Trophies in their possession. Jordan and the Bulls…

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Red Bull Crashed Ice 2013

Red Bull Crashed Ice 2013

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